Case Study
by Linda Lane
UX Design Principal and Project Manager

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

These were created quickly based on sketches, then drawn in PowerPoint and exported. They are very raw visually - expressing the roadmap capacity for users working on an actual project.

Space Travel iRoadmap AI Planning

Data Visualizations for an artificial intelligence planning application that users can 'play' for events, supply chain management, human resources, to undertake a mission to Mars by 2032, at a Fortune 50 Aerospace firm.

Roadmap Diagram

Warp Engine Planning

Depicts: Example roadmap diagram, Bio Secur system,  Environmental selected, prior projections, year by year requirements, viewable by people, companies, shipping, (supply chain), collapsed cost projections, technologic, server blood, liquid memory, percent change, environmental, political, economy, goals, etc., vision, loss, production, hub, communications, authority, planning, executives, test, rate, legend color, heatmap, dated May 2023, Juniper Jump, 1st Test, Report Services, detailed elements, targets, related data.


Event Relationship

Upstream - Downstream

Depicts: Events relationships, leadership, sponsors, tech, phases, upstream, downstream, tool kit, visualization, time and project label, crossover, prior, future, project project supply chain, monitors effort warning, exceeds available staff, stack cloud project number, faves, requirements.


Ideation, Charts, Legends

Dashboard Designer

Sys - system links, title block, legend key

C1 - Phases - pie charts- budget, environmental, efficiency, TBD technology drivers, values

C2 - Euler diagram -dependencies, team sponsors, structure

C2 - Project details - tools, locations

RC3 - Dynamic kendo charts

A - Contributors schedule, staff scheduling, team scheduling
DO - Roadmaps: Time constant, uplift, segments. Funding deadline: software, hardware.


Encapsulated Activity Report

Projects Progress

Depicts: Encapsulated activity reports, risks, 3D overlapping project scopes, scope, central project, deep resource planning, technical description, project relationships, cumulative project needs, event sphere, critical systems targets, timescale, dates, technology drivers, high level links, alternatives, user base, critical areas, by date.


Burn Down Factors


Depicts: High security Dreamliner, burn down factors, phase based, team sponsor, dependences, budget, environmental, efficiency, numbered tool groups, tools, locations, targets year over year, time constants, people in teams, scheduling, technology drivers, analyst, list of values, software, hardware, uplift, funding deadlines, patterns link, key.


Single Stack Report

Rating, social 

Depicts: A single stack report, filters, linked projects, product images, video, documents,shared / social communication - comments, value, locations, faves, supply chain results.


Unit App Details

Data Mining / Events

Depicts: Unit application details, events, data agencies, other events, explanatory text, time line, selected dates, related point on scale of time,.


3 Node Tree

Data Mining

Depicts: Selected branch, details from data mining wireframe shown above: related activities displayed by 3 node view tree, single node, title source data, funding chart dependencies, branches, architecture data models, shared / social communication - comments, value, locations, faves.


Data Mining Relationships

Data Mining

Data mining, details, people, central event, labels, by project, project descriptions, high level scope view slice, list of scope items, time, nodes.