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An experienced strategic advisor to managers and executives as a UX researcher and product designer for software applications. Through analysis, I troubleshoot team struggles and information related issues to solve them to increase business success and promote relevance. Interactively work with stakeholders and users to create software products that people love. 

Hi! I'm Linda Lane, 
Sr UX strategist 
product manager 
at Wonderlane Studios

Since 1998


Master of Science - Information Management

Focus on Human-Centered Design
University of Washington, Seattle
The iSchool, Mary Gates Hall, graduated 2013

Informatics TA for Software Design
Student Representative to the Architectural Committee


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art

Cornish Institute of the Fine Arts

Seattle, Washington

Voted: "Most Likely to Succeed"

California State University
University of Alaska, Anchorage
Highline College | HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript

Ceramic Class TA with Alex Duff Combs, Jr.

Editor & Designer: The Northern Light

MSIM Capstone Research


Culture and information become easier to approach and understand through design iterations that interact with the user. 


Written and visual information create effective facets by interacting with end-users in the planning and ongoing stages – using surveys, tagging-term matching, comments, discussions, structure, interactivity, use trends, pattern-detection, and incorporating changes.

Savvy users use exact terms, and seek to describe the energy in tagging content.




Bank of America


Capital360 Bank

Comcast NBC Universal



Juniper Networks



Motorola Solutions

Premera Blue Cross

State of Washington

University of Washington


and more...

  1. Usability-Lab Studies

  2. Ethnographic Field Studies

  3. Participatory Design

  4. Focus Groups

  5. Interviews

  6. Usability Benchmarking

  7. Moderated Remote Usability Studies - globally

  8. Concept Testing

  9. Customer Feedback

  10. Desirability Studies

  11. Card Sorting

  12. Clickstream Analysis

  13. A/B Testing (aka “multivariate testing”)

  14. Email Surveys (or via Survey Monkey)

Working for Fortune 500 Firms:

Strategy, research, design, planning, writing includes -

•    Cloud security

•    Portals, for partners and customers

•    Dashboards

•    Education

•    Enterprise architecture

•    4 global sales forecasting apps $100B+ USD

•    Mobile / responsive apps

•    Roadmap

•    Business intelligence database

•    High end credit card registration and activation 

•    Windows product activation, security, & anti-piracy

•    Social media; groups and members directory

•    Streaming media, audio & video

•    Planning, UML

•    CRM and ERP

•    Knowledgebase management

•    Telecommunication

•    Research; public education attendance & data visualization 

•    Information design

•    Automated testing software    

•    Ecommerce

•    Vehicle reservation and ticketing

•     Education sites

•     Geo-location

•     Server Notifiers

•     Desktop applications

•     Pre-sales presentations, staff training

•     Marketing & branding

•     Social media

•     Customer identity

•     Cell technology

•     Insurance applications
•    Order management and processing
•    Employee purchase plan / home use plan
•    Federated search
•    Software services
•    Admin toolkit & controls
•    Support software – incident tracking
•    Broadcasting and cable television
•    Gamification
•    AI data bot

•     Wizards & process design
•     Content Design and creation

•     Write business processes

•     Design infographics, icons

•     Create presentations, learning materials


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