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Employee Purchase Plan & Home Use Program 

Work as a researcher, product manager, user interface design manager, for a Fortune 50 software company, eCommerce, in World Wide Operations, research, design, and localize e-commerce sites in 6 languages, then co-author the specification for a new e-commerce platform solution, editor of the OM presentation spec.

User Interface Manager


Served as the consulting user interface product manager, created, rendered the layout and web designs, and CSS files for the Employee Purchase Plan and the Home Use Program, on the fly Thursday and Friday, prior to testing on Monday. 

Designed all the logos, button, layout, and site content, including CSS based help files, for a Fortune 50's eCommerce sites for the Employee Purchase Program, and Home Use Program sites both group sites were completed -- in a single 32-hour session -- in 6 languages for four international regions, to meet deadlines in Issaquah, Washington with a team of three people. This was possible due to prior research and documentation to meet business marketing standards for the corporate dot com.


Program Manager

Upon completion of this project implementation, with this experience of the existing inflexible user interface issues, we product managers immediately began redesigning the firm's proprietary software it was based upon, Order Management, and its user interface for the next 8 months. 

Due to the persona research and interaction with the staff, advised the PMs to develop an administration dashboard to increase the throughput for the Order Management product then used internally. Submitted wireframe of the admin dashboard.

Sites and processes based on the e-commerce app and business processes continue to be in production at the company, expanding extensively. 

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