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Enterprise Information Site Design

Heuristic evaluations, interviews, wireframes, Style Guide, for a responsive Enterprise Architecture information site to aid global employees, contractors and vendors to configure software OS & application stacks for laptops, desktops, BYOD, & mobile devices - for an aerospace engineering firm.

Case Study
by Linda Lane
UX Design Principal and Project Manager

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Provide guidance, research existing sites and pages, review trouble tickets and site use analytics, evaluate content, interview project leads, target user groups, and propose new content, link ideas together for new, burgeoning, digital-native employee base for a Fortune 50 company aerospace engineering corporation.


Lead 4 person offshore design team to create designs, recommend, edit content, graphics and link with 3 other team initiatives in the same business unit with the intention of reducing the time to learn for employees from more than a full day of training to instant learning.  Gather requirements and coach team to create wireframes, produce a Style Guide for ongoing, guidance and script the sites.

Interface with cross-functional teams, PM's, developers, database admins, test, help set priorities in regular meetings, reach measured goals, and work with client management to produce the best information and user experience possible. Work with teams offshore and onshore. Gain approval for content, design, functionality, test, and publish.

One of the client's requests was for a colorful site to reflect the vigor and life of the enterprise architecture unit, and the users they serve. Easy to learn self-guided easy to learn self-service is the norm, only exceptions being handled manually. Everything else should be instantly available and easily to configure, chose, download and install. 

ESATS  Style Guide.png


Pages plus a corporate blog


Users are Employees + Vendors



Sample pages

Co-worker looking at projected statistics, initial team meeting with staff and UX designer managers, Bellevue, Washington, USA
Initial team meeting with staff and UX designer managers, Bellevue, Washington, USA
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