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Domain Experience

My experience includes consulting & product / program management in the following domains in user experience product innovation strategy, research, content, marketing, design - 

Financial & project data visualization, charts, dashboards

Performance rights registration & royalty payments

Cloud security

Portals, for partners and customers

Dashboards for business intelligence reporting & support

Education and Intranet site design

Enterprise architecture

4 global sales forecasting apps $93B+ USD

Mobile / responsive apps

Roadmap app

Business intelligence database

High end credit card registration and activation

Windows product activation, security, & anti-piracy

Social media; groups and members directory

Planning, UML



Knowledge base management


Research; public education attendance and data visualization

Information design


AI data bot

Search | SEO | Federated search software services


  • Spec'd and designed ecommerce applications for Microsoft and Amazon

  • Managed teams creating approx. 50 ecommerce sites from 1999 - onwards

Marketing & branding

Social media; groups and members directory

Streaming media, audio & video

Customer identity

Cell technology

​Pre-sales presentations, staff training​

Vehicle reservation and ticketing

Server Notifiers

Desktop applications

Insurance applications


Technical Writing; code of conduct, terms of use

Order management and processing

Employee purchase plan / home use plan

Admin toolkit & controls

Support software – incident tracking

Broadcasting and cable television

SDLC System Development Life Cycle Process

A quick photo of working with 14 other managers and development team members under a sign reading "Celebrate!" during a software security program meeting for Microsoft Windows, around a large table in Redmond, Washington.

14 program managers and development team members seated around a large table working on laptops in a meeting about software security for Microsoft Windows
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