Africa Cloud Launch & Reports

Design of modern imagery, animations, and editing - playbooks, document processes for sites, presentations, yearly business reports, based on interviews and corporate brand requirements for a Fortune 50 software firm.

Information streams

by Linda Lane
UX Design Director

Custom design of several projects for the Cloud business unit.

More than 70 variations in 2 days + animations. A few examples are shown here.

Providing custom options.

Fine art modern graphics choices.

Beautiful Africa the frontier of software and communication using Cloud technology.

Tailored using brand colors, type faces, corporate style.

Bold variations on high tech, & cultural themes.

Combined to create excitement and enthusiasm about the project and 2 locations. 

Selected content that tells the story and welcomes the viewer with energy.

Thoughtful design, detailed writing. Photo sourcing, creating tables, and information form styles.

2 presentations of 40 pages each, telling their stories with this formal yet playful style using the corporate style guide. 

Projects included interviewing team members, then, documenting, and assembling 40 pages of business processes; 120 pages of presentations, illustrations in less than 3 months. Published internal corporate webpages and maintained information resource transfer.


Selected original score "Cape Verde"
by Billy Hale Music.


End piece:


of graphics & pages, 6 presentations, site materials, 2 annual reports


Users are Employees + Vendors



Evolution of the first 140+ variations for a single project defining image.

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