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Service Now: Intranet, Intel, Support

For a Fortune 50 financial firm research and design the customization of Service Now, a cloud computing platform to help companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations, to replace all intranet, backend information systems, and tickets. 

Workflows for Enterprise Operations

Fortune 50 financial firm based in Silicon Valley, California.


Corporate employees worldwide, and for some support services, there are external clients.​

Scope of Work

The single system, Service Now, provides intranet, library/knowledge base, helpdesk, support tickets (internal & external), employee services, and a developers information site with support for sandbox information and version tracking.​ Pages are designed for clarity and ease of use, and allow for reporting. 

Met with stakeholders representing all the company departments in two locations to gather requirements. I designed wireframes, that my offshore teams worked on overnight, and presented them to the teams the following days. This allowed stakeholders along with the team members located in two cities to make decisions quickly. I also advised on information architecture and search attributes.


The project had a very brief launch lifecycle, within which the design and every change must be accomplished, tested, then deployed to production.

Rotating images of office locations around the world were chosen to keep the interface fresh and interesting, reflecting the international character of the employees and the global reach of the firm. Different images are recommended to be rolled out quarterly. Titles are kept as brief, witty, and 'writing for the Web" intuitive as possible - for the loyal and informed employees of their company with very low turnover.​


There are no "before" and "after" versions of this wireframe design, because there were so many applications in use that this single service supersedes and replaces them all - so there are only result pages and style guide.


White space, big search dialog boxes, bright color, and a simple modern design dominate.

Please view the slideshow documenting design essentials below, by rolling your mouse down over the frame.

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