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 eCommerce Platform Design

Fortune 50 Company eCommerce, World Wide Operations

Case Study

Research and Analysis

Researched and provided a competitive analysis report of more than 21 eCommerce sites and processes, on flows and standards, to inform decisions while designing Microsoft's new eCommerce platform.


Using the study as a baseline then I redesigned Microsoft's proprietary Order Management (OM) 5.0 interface, by creating wireframes, mockups, contributing and reviewing functional documentation.


The interface provides a flexible interface over .NET framework to upgrade more than 100 eCommerce sites, and more easily add new tenants to the highly successful World Wide Operations eCom platform. 

Created end-user flows, wireframes, and prototype to visually represent three different business models.



38% Improvement

Iteratively tested with Blink interface auditors until the user's ratings match refined customer usability metrics, as we proposed in the initial presentation to Microsoft management.


Blink's usability tests showed a 38% increase in usability.

My proposed new designs, based on the proportions of the golden rectangle (or "Golden Mean") matched all of Microsoft's business Web design requirements.

Designed and implemented, in six languages (that I do not myself know), two major eCommerce sites for Microsoft on existing OM platform (ASP XML) for the Employee Purchase Program, and the Home Use Program. 

Advised the program directors on look and feel as well as creating, executing designs, and applying designs to older Order Management system using technical workarounds. 

Design and Localization

These pages are samples of the variations on design possible with this system we designed, based on ASP.NET, existing Microsoft Order Management eCommerce technology. We recommended more extensive use of CSS (cascading style sheets), including tabless layout. 

Pete Selden asked me to review OM functional specifications. He then submitted our suggested updates to final OM 5 interface design and plans. 

  • Employee Purchase Program (ended)

  • Home Use Program

Some sample photographs used in the high fidelity designs are from the Image Bank, and Getty Images. 


In order to get more diverse images shot for future use, we made a formal request of the media bank team, which is now a standard practice for photography.

Employee Purchase Plan & Home Use Program

Microsoft eCommerce, World Wide Operations

Project Description

User Interface Manager

Served as the consulting user interface manager, created, rendered the layout and web designs, and CSS files for the Employee Purchase Plan and the Microsoft Home Use Program, on the fly Thursday and Friday, prior to testing on Monday. 

Designed all the logos, button, layout, and site content, including CSS based help files, for Microsoft's eCommerce sites for the Employee Purchase Program, and Home Use Program sites both group sites were completed -- in a single 32 hour session -- in 6 languages for four international regions, to meet deadlines at Microsoft in Issaquah, Washington with a team of three people. This was possible due to prior research and documentation to meet Microsoft business marketing standards for Microsoft.com (called MS.COM internally).

Program Manager

Upon completion of this project, with this experience of the existing inflexible user interface issues, MS PM Pete Selden and as PM I immediately began redesigning the Microsoft proprietary software it was based upon, Order Management, and its user interface for the next 8 months. 

I advised Pete to develop an administration dashboard to increase the throughput for the Order Management product then used internally at Microsoft. I drafted a wire frame of the admin dashboard.

Moved Fulfillment To Costa Rica

Working on my next consulting project at Microsoft I realized it made fiscal sense to move product fulfillment of some eCommerce to the new Costa Rica facility. Sr. eCommerce PM Pete Selden and I arranged to move Microsoft production offshore where today it continues to save millions and earn millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Director of User Experience in eCommerce

Through years of thoughtful work and dedication, I established a strong career in the software industry. Each role has been a dynamic endeavour, providing me with an opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. I served as Director of User Experience in eCommerce at Rare Medium in Orange County, California.


I’m always looking for new projects and partners to collaborate with, so I would be delighted if you’d like to connect and contact me.

eCommerce Design Management

Managed Team to Design and Implement 48 eCommerce Sites

Pandesic eCommerce

Pandesic was the largest e-commerce ASP in the U.S., using a proprietary API, SAP backend, SQL databases, MS Site Server, Java/JSP, and VB based COM /DCOM with more than 100 enterprise level ecommerce sites online in 2000. 

I supervised a 4 person Pandesic development support and user interface review team, experts in design and coding, working with general contractors, and managed relationships on enterprise level eCommerce websites and online content.