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West Coast Chicken orTofu

A Pacific Northwest comfort food for dinner ...

For vegetarian substitute with tofu & veggie stock

Ingredients in order of amount:

Fresh skin-removed deboned chicken thighs or fresh firm tofu


Grey Poupon mustard with white wine

Lime juice

Olive oil

Finest real maple syrup (use sparingly, to round out the flavor of mustard)

Sesame oil

Soy sauce

Chili garlic sauce (such as Vietnamese Huy Fong)


Freshly cracked black pepper


In a bowl or pan, depending on how much you are preparing at once, pour some olive oil to spread the spices, to the oil add some spices and ingredients.

In layers place the chicken in the bowl, alternating layers of chicken or tofu, varying different ingredients or different amounts. For example at each layer add more spices, such as one with more mustard and the next more maple syrup, or more sesame oil, etc.

Allow the seasoned chicken, or tofu, to rest for several minutes then turn the fresh skinless chicken lightly to spread the ingredients more evenly and sit a few more minutes while you warm the frying pan or wok.

Pour some olive oil into your warmed frying pan or wok, and fry on medium-high watching to make sure it does not burn but is well browned. Remove, cool slightly. If wished, make a gravy with the remaining sauce from the bowl or pan.

Serve with short-grain Japanese sticky rice and reduced-sodium soy sauce with a small pat of butter over the rice, steamed broccoli with gravy.

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San Mateo Pico De Gallo Shrimp Soup

For vegetarian substitute with tofu & veggie stock

Chicken (or veggie stock for tofu) stock
1 Zucchini
1 florret Broccoli (head)
Marie's Mango Pico De Gallo 
(or Mango, red or white onion, and red bell pepper)
Udon noodles
Soy sauce
Fish stock
Teriyaki Sauce
Shrimp (or Chicken or tofu, etc)
Salt and Pepper

Start by putting a cup of water into a pot large enough for all the ingredients, like a quart
Turn up the fire to boil
Quickly add a can of chicken stock or veggie broth ( you may need more or water)
Add one full cup of Marie's Mango Pico De Gallo (if you don't have it dice up a mango into small pieces, add some white onion, and some red bell pepper all diced)

Add a whole sliced Zucchini and the chopped head of a floret of broccoli (you can also wait a little while to add the broccoli if fine enough).

Lightly boil until the veggies are almost olive green (done) and the mango has become one with the stock
Quickly add Udon noodles, with a splash of soy sauce, a teaspoon of fish stock, some mashed ginger (not more than about 1/2 teaspoon), a splash of teriyaki sauce, and some rosemary powder or whatever kind you have. The Udon noodles should become flexible before you add the last ingredient - 
Then add a hand full of peeled deveined shrimp (or alternate meat such as chicken or veggie such as Soy)
Turn off the stove so the shrimp cooks but does not become rubbery.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
I recommend serving in a turquoise blue bowl so the coral color of the shrimp and the yellow color of the stock stand out. 


If you wish you can also use a splash of white wine for flavor when you add the Udon noodles. Udon noodles are generally served with clear broths, but this is still light enough to give weight yet not compete with the Udon noodles.

Omitting all the meat and fish, this makes a great veggie soup too!

Let me know how you enjoyed the recipes!

Lakota Lhamo Ling
Seattle, Washington, USA

Tel: 206-850-4452 ( message)

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