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We Research, Design & Build Digital Friendships


Wonderlane Studios

UX Design
inventive   creative   intuitive

Human-computer interaction
User experience design

User Research
who what where how why

Discover ideas that help users

Save money & make profit

Manage Teams
projects   stakeholders

Manage design teams
Advise & communicate

user experience research & design

MAKE Informed
Design decisions

worked with these companies ...


Bank of America


Capital360 Bank

Comcast NBC Universal



Juniper Networks



Motorola Solutions

Premera Blue Cross

State of Washington

University of Washington

Visa ...

Fortune 500 firms, 
startups, orgs

user experience research & design

Software design beyond easy reach

Designed Fortune 50 software firm's $100 Billion USD sales forecasting & mobile app for global Internal use. 

Moved e-commerce fulfillment for Fortune 50 software firm to Costa Rica to significantly reduce costs and enhance profit, where it is today, saving millions of USD annually. 

Designed a new business model for Fortune 50 software firm's Partner Portal site significantly improving membership, reversing loss, by adding social networking and personalizing the site, as a B2C. The site accounts for 9% of the company's annual revenue.  

Designed Fortune 50 software firm's eCommerce Order Management site/backend and edited the spec; with Blink usability tested the new site reaching a 38% CSAT improvement among users tested.

Redesigned Fortune 50 eCommerce main internal database interface application. Based on our research and findings, recommended a system-wide overhaul, which the company did, moving later to its own custom database.

Recommended multimillion-dollar improvements for Fortune 500 telecommunications firm, timed with new app to help customers. Lead design team designing 3 backend applications.

A few examples of strategic
business product research & design

Lead UX design team for 3 of a Fortune 50 aerospace industry's Enterprise Architecture apps, and Tag Cube. Created preliminary Roadmap app designs for the company's AI tracking of the Mission to Mars 2032. 

Designed, managed, and recommended updates on backend security applications for 3 Fortune 500 firms.

Recommended Fortune 50 software firm make certifications, through testing, public as individual badges.

Recommended accounts accept other authentication for the companies single signin accounts.

UX Process:
Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy, Repeat


UX Design

Wonderlane Studios

user experience research & design


user experience research & design


Human centered experience management 

Building Human Computer Interaction

user experience research & design

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