Remodeling a 60 yr old house

3 rooms renovations, some work completed during the COVID-19 lockdowns - everything is a work in progress!

by Linda Lane
and her renovation teams

David Jenkins-Griffin prepping, then painting the bedroom walls of ship lath with 7 coats of white paint over raw wood.


The completed small bedroom, a collection of mirrors to reflect natural light, French table, silver tray, colorful lighted alarm clock, comfy new bed, bookshelves. A gray accent wall, many small details to enhance the private feeling in this cozy room. 


A bedroom with a problem floor. After the team ripped out 4 layers of old stinky flooring, Sergio coated the floor with Odoban, and washed it thoroughly. The following week, painted latex on the floor several times with primer, then orange, and pink to make sure the floor is sealed.

The walls painted with Behr pure white flat enamel.


Sergio installed new ceiling lamps, all new electric plugs, steel and glass curtain rods and hung pink gauzy drapes to filter natural light. 

Wood texture vinyl covers the floor with a vintage red oriental carpet, made by The Flying Carpet Company. A white leather office chair in front of a glass desk and monitor, keyboard and vintage vajra chair with a red seat all contributes to a creative warm environment.