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Sales Deal Processing

Research sales deal processing by gathering related documents wireframes and processes, interviewing users & managers, converting into wizards, processing steps, and create wireframes to build the backend, iterate.

Case Study
by Linda Lane
UX Researcher and Sr Designer

Understand and document sales teams' business deals needs, for tracking deals, opportunity and related customer information to create an internal sales process application. Application to be responsible through all stages of a deal to engagement. Users are enabled to create deal, go through the deal preparation steps, analyze risk management, compile financials, management reviews, team lead approvals, write and revise contracts. signoffs, engagement, to deal completion. 

View deal artifacts, abandon deal, take offline, import deal form, import inflight sales, sale and finish later

Interface with cross-functional teams, PM's, developers, database admins, test, help set priorities in regular meetings, reach measured goals, and work with client management to produce the best information and user experience possible. Work with teams offshore and onshore. Gain approval for content, design, functionality, test, and publish.

One of the client's requests was for a colorful site to reflect the vigor and life of the enterprise architecture unit, and the users they serve. Easy to learn self-guided easy to learn self-service is the norm, only exceptions being handled manually. Everything else should be instantly available and easily to configure, chose, download and install. 


Pages plus a corporate blog


Users are Employees + Vendors



Style Guide Slide Show

Co-worker looking at projected statistics, initial team meeting with staff and UX designer managers, Bellevue, Washington, USA
Initial team meeting with staff and UX designer managers, Bellevue, Washington, USA
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